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Drawing attention to the techniques of wood turning and traditional furniture making in a contemporary light. TURN consists of elaborate and intricately designed wood turned legs with sections of two legs replaced with materials which have a transitory state; cast in ice and wax, to fit the design of each leg. The ephemeral materials draw attention to the construction of the chair and the skill of wood turning. The chair's height is important as it extends beyond the practicality of an everyday piece of furniture with the length of the legs being 153cm. The ancient craft and skill of wood turning by pedal pole lathe is deeply rooted within Ireland and Europe. The use for this tool is evident throughout the history of domestic furniture.

For this project I traveled to the Irish National Heritage Park, Ferrycarrig, Co. Wexford, to build my own medieval pedal-run pole lathe, on which I turned lengths of wood such as oak, ash and lime for the piece. I worked in collaboration with Eoin Donnelly a fifth generation woodwright, pole lathe maker and wood turner who instructed me on techniques used in wood turning.

Ash, oak, lime, ice, wax and woodchips