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Sounding the Shore: an exploration into shoreline communities of Lough Ree, is a collaborative art project with artist Nollaig Molloy, Ballyleague Men's Shed and their geographical supporting network.

Over a two phase period, during the sailing season months of May to August in 2017-2018, Sounding the Shore utilizes the larch boatbuilding skills of the Men's Shed, through the creation of sprit sail attachment for their lake boat. The project is enabled by the process of communication on the water and an abundance of untold stories on Lough Ree. The attachments mast, sprit, boom and calico sail will serve as a beacon for radio transmitter technologies while travelling the lake stopping at specific port of calls and facilitating audio and filmic event based outcomes on Lough Ree. Artistic explorations into the way of life of past inhabitants of these now deserted islands are coupled with enquiry into todays existing communities on the lakes shores. Sounding the Shore delves into the rural context and shifting identities of the Islands of Lough Ree with particular regards to their lost material cultures.

Funded by
CREATE; national agency of collaborative arts through the Artist in Community Scheme Project Realisation phase; Long term.
Roscommon Arts Office
Roscommon Heritage Office
Waterways Ireland

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